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LaPerm Cat Club Show

The LaPerm Cat Club has held an annual cat show since 2014. We hold our show jointly with the Short-Haired Cat Society and a number of other small breed club shows. This allows exhibitors to enter their cats in two shows on the day if they want to.

We hold an annual show. Why not come along?

The LaPerm Cat Club show will take place on Saturday 4th June 2022, at the Sutton Leisure Centre, St Helens.

This year we are sharing with the Merseyside Cat Club and another breed club, the Devon Rex Owners Club.

The show is taking place on the extended Queens Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend, so a great opportunity to make a weekend break of it and skip the Saturday early morning drive. Particularly for those who will have some distance to travel.

We’re looking forward to welcoming back our regular exhibitors and to meeting the newcomers who have come into the Cat Fancy in the past couple of years.

The schedule is available on the GCCF website and entry will be online via your GCCF online account and STAR.


While cat shows have been suspended during 2020 we held fun online LaPerm Cat shows with a roster of international judges.

Our 2021 online LaPerm Cat Show is open for entries until 6th August 2021

Why not enter your LaPerms?

Follow this link to join in all the fun!


Check it the 2020 online show at


Photos from previous LaPerm Cat Club shows

Best In Show line-up

Eldoria’s BC Keasha Kisa

Zingcats Toulouse, brown karpati darker points LaPerm Longhair (LPL nx 32), was the first karpati patterned cat on exhibition at a GCCF show.

Grand Champion Glastocats Silky Sprite

Quincunx Girl From Ipanema

Gr Ch Cloudborn Spring-Tra-La, best neuter and overall Best In Show 2018

FloridaSun Stoneybrook, best kitten in show

Glastocats Jax

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