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If you are interested in finding a LaPerm kitten please look at the list below for information on current kittens, expected litters and breeding plans.

If you want to express an interest in a kitten and ask for more details please contact the breeder directly.

LaPerm kittens must be at least 13 weeks of age before leaving their mothers and must have completed their first course of vaccinations. The club recommends that kittens should be registered with the GCCF and a registration and pedigree supplied to the new owner.

You can also join the LaPerm Kittens email group for kitten news and announcements or to ask for information about upcoming litters:

Please also check our welfare page for details of young adult LaPerms in need of rehoming.



Anthony Nichols

London (Camberwell)


We have a litter of six kittens available.

Father: Champion Crystalclear Zorro Zucchini (chocolate & white LaPerm Longhair)

Mother: Quincunx Ravenclaw (black karpati LaPerm Longhair)

Date of birth: 23rd August 2023

GCCF registered, vaccinated, microchipped, insured etc

They are all really sweet and cuddly kittens!

1 black boy (available)

1 chocolate karpati (or brown BCR karpati?) boy (available)

Please get in touch for more information.


​Nicola and Roy Lovell


Three young adults cats and two kittens available



















Great Expectations


Several breeders have litters planned for the coming year. We will let you know as kittens arrive! Please get in touch with any of our breeders if you are looking for a kitten.

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