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LaPerm Pedigree Database

The official LaPerm Cat Club pedigree database is a large public database of LaPerm pedigrees. It holds many thousands of records charting LaPerm lines from breeders around the world back to Curly, the original LaPerm. It also contains pedigrees of cats used as outcrosses in LaPerm breeding programmes. It is a labour love, maintained and updated by members of the LaPerm Cat Club. It is a very useful resource for all LaPerm breeders who want to research the history of their cats and plan breeding programmes and matings that will improve the breed.

Access the database

An online version of the LaPerm pedigree database is available at this link;

Please note that the online version is synched periodically with the master version.

Why is a LaPerm Pedigree Database Important?

The database records the history of the breed cat by cat, showing how the lines within the breed have developed and been bred together and reminding us of what is behind the cats we have. It allows us to examine our own cats’ places within the LaPerm family tree, what lines they come from and which cats they are related to. This can be important in giving us knowledge about the genetic make-up of our cats and this insight can be used in order to plan breeding programmes to improve the health and type of our LaPerms.


Using the database for test matings permits us to examine potential pairing and make informed decisions about which cats to breed together. Examining potential pedigrees gives all sorts of interesting information.


Only an accurate database tracing back to the breed’s foundation cats can provide correct inbreeding coefficients. It is vitally important that we take these into account when breeding LaPerms because we have a healthy breed based on outcrossing to ensure that we have a large gene pool with no highly inbred cats. This is important in helping the LaPerm maintain its enviable status as a breed free from problems with inherited genetic diseases in our lines. If any such problems do ever show up we will also be able to use the pedigree information to track the lines and help to remove the problem. Inbreeding coefficients cannot be accurately calculated without the inclusion of all common ancestors which means that pedigrees used for working the figures out must all trace back to Curly and the other foundation cats.


Keeping track of pedigrees over many generations is also important for tracking the colour and pattern genes which determine the appearance of our cats. Some recessive genes can be carried for many generations and it can be fascinating to track the lines back and see where they have come from. Knowledge about recessive genes for colour and pattern in the lines also helps us to plan breeding programmes.

What can it be used for?

The database stores a whole range of information, so it has a range of uses, but most people use it to check pedigrees of LaPerm cats, to linechase their own cats’ pedigrees back to Curly, to try out test matings and see what the pedigrees will look like and to find out what the inbreeding coefficients are.

Who can use the database?

The LaPerm database is for the whole LaPerm community as it benefits everybody to have access to the information. It is maintained and updated by the LaPerm Cat Club, so we do request that anyone who asks for extensive information should pay to become a member of the club- and why not? We are a great club with lots to offer for anyone interested in LaPerms and the joining fee is low!

How can people use it?

If you want any information from the database then please contact Anthony Nichols at or any of the other database administrators or LaPerm Cat Club committee members.


You can request the pedigrees of any cats on the database, you can ask for trial pedigrees for potential matings, and for accurate all-generation coefficients of inbreeding for any cat, whether it is real or the result of a potential mating. You can also use it to find other data such as lists of siblings or other relatives of a cat, records of titles or any other information that you might be looking for. Information or pedigrees can be sent in various formats so please let us know exactly what you need.


People are also requested to check the data stored on cats of their own breeding in order to make sure that it is recorded correctly. Please send in pedigree details for you cats so that they are recorded for posterity and for future generations of LaPerm breeders.

How can people contribute to it?

Contribute information to the LaPerm pedigree database by emailing

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