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Historic LaPerms

These are the cats which got the LaPerm through to full championship recognition. Thank you to these cats and their owners for their work to develop and establish the breed in the UK.


These historic cats qualified by winning four or more merits, allowing the breed to move from preliminary to provisional recognition.





  • Ballego Grandmasterflash (Owner J Gillies)

  • Ballego Waywardwayes (Owner J Gillies)

  • Aswani Guinevere (Owner J Gillies)

  • Quincunx Amorcatz Mia (Owner S Amor)

  • Quincunx Loopylocks Lulu (Owner P Cragg)

  • Aswani Finendandy (Owner J Gillies)

  • Aswani Kurly Kara (Owner J Gillies)

  • Bane Ichabod Tiponi (Owner S Pyrke)

  • Canonna Red Feather (Owner Z Bassett)

  • Quincunx Sid Luscious (Owner Z Simmonds)

  • Aswani Little Imp (Owner S Davidson)

  • Ballego Izzabella Blue (Owner P Cragg)

  • Aswani Leviticus DenimBlue (Owner T Lee)

  • Quincunx Silentscreen Stan (Owner D Sharpe)

  • Aswani Katriona (Owner T Lee)

  • Aswani Klementine (Owner K Ekanger)

  • Quincunx Curly Coyote (Owner A Nichols)

  • Quincunx Prunella PoodleRok (Owner S Plummer)

  • Amorcatz Bertie Bassett (Owner T Lee)

  • Cloudborn Piti Chanpiyon (Owner K Ekanger)

  • Uluru BC Omaste Po (Owner A Nichols)

  • Wakanda Nitika (Owner P Cragg)

  • Amorcatz Scarlet O'hara (Owner C Taylor)

  • Aswani Lakotaspirit (Owner L Malone)



These are the historic cats which qualified by winning three or more intermediate certificates, allowing the breed to move from provisional to full championship recognition.





  • Aswani Miranna Keys  (Cheri Taylor)

  • Amorcatz Elvis Purrsley (Sue Amor)

  • Wakanda Harriet Potter (Penni Cragg)

  • Calonlan Honey (Nicola Eaton)

  • Uluru BC Omaste Po (Anthony Nichols)

  • Wakanda Sirius Black (Penni Cragg)

  • Amorcatz Scarlettohara (Cheri Taylor)

  • Wakanda Chaska (Christine Stewart)

  • Cloudborn Koyuk (Kate Ekanger)

  • Quincunx Flibbertygibbet (Anthony Nichols)

  • Cloudborn Lindy Hop (Kate Ekanger)

  • Wakanda Mr Choc Aulat (Kate Ekanger)

  • Olathe Stormy Skye (Sally Thornton)

  • Quincunx Siouxsie Banshee (Anthony Nichols)

  • Wakanda Ooze That Curl (Penni Cragg)

  • Cloudborn The Smooch (Kate Ekanger)

  • Cloudborn Viva La Diva (Mary Plumb)

  • Amorcatz Lizzie Dripping (Helen Head)

  • Nihyohi Misty Dawn (Sally Thornton)

  • Hambrvin Geronimo (Christine Raines)

  • Hambrvin Lil MizMuffet (Sally Thornton)

Cloudborn The Smooch

Amorcatz Scarlet O'hara

Amorcatz Lizzie Dripping

Quincunx Curly Coyote

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